Transfer Deep Learning for Low-Resource Chinese Word Segmentation with A Novel Neural Network. NLPCC 2017.


Recent studies have shown effectiveness in using neural networks for Chinese word segmentation. However, these models rely on large-scale data and are less effective for low-resource datasets because of insufficient training data. We propose a transfer learning method to improve low-resource word segmentation by leveraging high-resource corpora. First, we train a teacher model on high-resource corpora and then use the learned knowledge to initialize a student model. Second, a weighted data similarity method is proposed to train the student model on low-resource data. Experiment results show that our work significantly improves the performance on low-resource datasets, 2.3% and 1.5% Fscore on PKU and CTB datasets. Furthermore, this paper achieves stateof-the-art results, 96.1%, and 96.2% F-score on PKU and CTB datasets.

Jingjing Xu (许晶晶)
Jingjing Xu (许晶晶)

My research interests include representation learning, multilingual learning, and green (energy efficient) deep learning.